Friday, January 8, 2010

Billy's Little Dodge City

I kind of found Billy's Little Dodge City Antiques by accident. I was going to Goodwill Ashland, and there on the side of the road was this sign:

How could I resist? There are all these cute little house-like shops, with the main antique shop in the back. I'm telling you all, it was vintage heaven! If this stuff was thrift store cheap, I would've come home with armfuls of it:

There were crates and crates of old papers, photos, graduation pamphlets, you name it! And also, tons of old metal tins! Ahhhh. It was so neat to go through all of it. Although I couldn't afford most things, I think it was worth the trip just to see it all...kind of like a vintage museum of awesome things.

If you're in the Richmond area, I would recommend stopping in this little place and taking a look around. It's located on US Route 1, two miles south of Ashland.

Happy Friday!!!!! Thrifting is tomorrow- can't wait!


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  1. I love going into Antique Malls like that! I can't afford their prices, but yes it's like a museum and I learn so much in there. If I'm ever up that way looks like a place to visit!


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