Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Found In North Carolina (Not Much!)

So here I am, ready (and finally unpacked!) to make a post about my North Carolina finds. But the truth is that I wouldn't have anything if not for the Goodwill we found and the one open antique store we visited.

A couple of the things I found are up in the shop. (And I also added a dollar section! Check it out!)

And here are most of my measly finds:

70s Peppermint Candy Jar for Crayons, Salvation Army ($1)

Books, No Name (Kind of Icky) Thrift Store ($2 each)

Martin Guitar Strings for my Acoustic Guitar, Goodwill ($1.50)

I also got: a cute red Samsonite train case (thanks for finding it, Dad!), some cool typewriter paper, a red flannel shirt, an old issue of Boy's Life magazine, and some vintage buttons.

In other words, about a fourth of the stuff I usually find here in Richmond. I haven't been to my favorite thrifts here for over two weeks, and I'm really itching to go! You can bet I'll be there tomorrow!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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