Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Velvet Doll...

Velvet was Mom's favorite doll growing up. Her hair grows! Her eyes close! She can change clothes! She was awesome.

When I was younger, I met Mom's Velvet. She was well-loved, with bright red cheeks from a borrowed lipstick makeover, and shorter hair from numerous cuts. She had very pretty handmade outfits, which Mom recently told me were made and sent to her by her great aunt!

She and her grandma would dress Velvet up in the pretty clothes and Mom couldn't wait to recieve the packages with more to dress her up in.

What an awesome thing, right?

When I was at Billy's Little Dodge City Antiques on Sunday, I saw a Velvet doll! I was almost sure that it was the same doll as Mom's, only it had the original clothes and a little less of a makeover. :)

If the doll wasn't $35, I would've bought it for her, but I had to settle for a photo. When I shared it with her, it made me feel so good about my little thrift endeavor. Because really, vintage things were once someone's Velvet doll. And that makes them mean so much more.

Love you, Mom!


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  1. When I was a little girl, I had a doll just like that! How neat that your mom had the same one. Love your blog!


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