Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Saturday Favorites

I always find cool old glass soda bottles in antique stores...for $20 or so! Ugh. Not worth it. But for 50 cents? Yes, please. This is from Good Samaritan. I love the slogan!

And what would be a thrifting day without a train case? Okay, okay. I know I have a problem! I might start selling them in the etsy shop, if I can figure out a way to ship them! But I couldn't resist this purple one at Good Samaritan:

Next, one thing I never would've guessed that I wanted... a wallet with a built-in calculator! Ahhhh. The nerd in me is doing a little happy dance over this Goodwill Outlet find:

And, finally, some Pendleton! I've been favoriting (is this a word? hmm.) Pendleton scarfs like crazy on etsy, but they all had crazy shipping rates. Ugh. But then I found this awesome one at Midlothian Antiques for a good $5 less than those:

So, yeah. I found some really neat things Saturday. Even if they were mostly overshadowed by my oh-so-favorite new toy, my Game Gear. In fact, I think I'll go play it now...

Have a great one!


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  1. Oh I love that scarf! Nice and warm looking. The 7-up bottle is terrific! Great Saturday treasures!


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