Monday, January 18, 2010

You're My Pink Rose

I think I mentioned before that my husband and I first dated when we were very young- 13 and 14! And from the very start, the special flowers that he always got me were pink roses. I never had a favorite flower before then, but you can bet that to this day I love pink roses.

So when I was at Goodwill Outlet Saturday (with the crazies! again!), and I saw this little mug discarded in the bins, I snatched it up. Because I'll always be his pink rose, and according to this mug, pink roses mean love.

Happy Monday :)



  1. Aww so sweet! This post made my smile for you guys- love that mug.

    Much love,

  2. That is a very sweet mug and I love the sentiment. Your hubby sounds like a very good guy!

  3. How cute. I want to be able to tell my own little love story someday...someday!

  4. aww that is too sweet! lovely :)


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