Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Snowed-In Outfit

Usually on Saturdays or Sundays (or both!) I post my thrifting outfit. Although I don't consider myself a fashionista or anything, I like to show how easy it is to pair completely acceptable outfits from mostly thrifted finds :)

Of course, being snowed in and unable to go to my favorite thrifts (boo!), I did the next best thing. I threw on layers and layers of warm clothes, my faux fur jacket (which on the reversible side is waterproof), my new thrifted hat, my thrifted cashmere scarf, and my thrifted boots, and took a little walk around our apartment parking lot.

Man, snow can be annoying, but when it's still falling and fresh, it is pretty. (This is me trying not to whine about being stuck here all weekend, without even a place open to walk to!)

Anyway. Here's what I wore:

I tried to take a full outfit shot by precariously balancing my little point-and-shoot on a tree limb, but that didn't work out as planned. I did attempt to take a shot of the bottom half of my outfit, though:

You can sort of see my wool fox cardigan I got on etsy and my "new" pair of thrifted Old Navy jeans from Goodwill.

The cool thing is that my cardie and jeans stayed relatively dry in this whole process :)

When I went outside a second time, a couple hours later, there was much more snow, and it felt a lot colder! I had taken my hair down, and I quickly learned that hair should be up in a hat when it snows!

Man, was it a lot simpler living in Florida! There's hot weather, not-as-hot weather, and kind-of-cold-but-not-snowing weather. Here, it's just craziness! I doubt I'll be leaving the apartment again until Monday, not that there's anywhere to go...

How is your weekend going?



  1. I love your outfit!! I'm all for thrifted clothes! And in Richmond I think we have better selection than smaller towns.

  2. I love the hat and it looks so cute on you. Glad you could at least get out and walk around a little.

  3. I just drove a half an hour home from work - normally a ten minute drive - because of all this nonsense. I'll probably be snowed in by tomorrow morning, too...and I do not have a cute hat to play around in. :(

  4. Yeah- it's totally crazy how much snow we got here. Especially because Richmond isn't supposed to get snow like that! Now that the sun's come out this morning, it's prettier outside, but still covered in a foot of snow! Crazy!


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