Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I'm Searching For: Etsy Inspiration

I've been a big fan of etsy lately. Not just because I now have a shop there, but also because I love to gain thrift inspiration from the awesome things that are in other people's shops!

I favorite items as I go along, and these are some that are at the top of my "want" list right now:

1. A Fish Pin like this one from etsy (above). My maiden name is Bass, and I would love to wear the heck out of a fish pin as a reminder of how awesome my family is!

2. Speaking of wearing the heck out of...I would wear this Pendleton sweater every day. Seriously. The elbow patches, the warm wool...perfection.

3.There is something about plaid I am, well...mad about! (In a good way.) This plaid bag, originally for the makings of a picnic, would make such a sweet overnight bag or large purse. I actually found a couple of these at the antique store in Boone, but they cost even more than this one! Drat. Goodwill I come!

4. Lastly, I am on the hunt for perfectly soft, worn-in old t-shirts. The kind you can comfortably lounge in for hours...that can transition from day to night. As in, pajama-type night. Ahhh. Who doesn't love pajama time? I know I do!

So, I am looking for these type things, as well as cool stuff for the shop, a desk chair and an old stapler (still!). But I'll be happy whatever I find, since it's been too darn long since I've been to my fave thrifts.



  1. Good Luck at the Thrifts! I went out yesterday and found a few good things....will be sharing later today.

  2. i can cut you a good deal on this stapler in my was a thrift store rescue! it's a bit small..thus the cuteness. not sure what size you're looking for.
    Make me an offer! I'll probably take it! :)


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