Saturday, January 23, 2010

Like Christmas!

It's funny. Even though I go thrifting at my favorites every Saturday, I still get excited butterflies in my stomach the night before! In a way, it's like Christmas morning- you don't know what you'll find waiting for you :) I am super-excited today, as usual, to be off to my thrifting destinations.

We're staying the night at the hubby's parents tonight, but I'll be sure to bring the baby computer so I can post what I've found and what I am wearing.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! The offer still stands for discounted goodies- convo me and I'll adjust the price of any item by $2, and the $1 items will be 50 cents! Hopefully I'll have this weekend's finds in the shop by Sunday evening, so keep a look out :)

Happy weekend!


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