Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Found: My Favorites

I was really lucky and found some Justin boots-the perfect ones- yesterday. Unfortunately, they are one size too small :( I got them anyway, thinking I could sell them on eBay to help me get some in my size! Here are my favorite things that I get to keep:

Pink Thermos, Goodwill Outlet; 'Thou Shalt Not Whine' Cross Stitch, Goodwill Outlet

Vintage LIFE and Vintage Comic Book; Love of Jesus

Vintage Cameras, Goodwill Outlet and Love of Jesus

Awesome, right? And I've got some great little things that are just about ready for the etsy shop, so check back soon!!!



  1. Such great finds this week!! I love the 'Whine' sign...that is so funny! Pink thermos is so cute!!! Such great vintage happiness!

  2. I saw that whine sign and thermos yesterday too!


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