Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I'm Wanting: Woven Leather and Pretty Books

As I thrift today, the main thing I'm looking for is a woven leather purse like this one from etsy:

You see, I made the mistake last week of leaving a perfect woven leather purse behind at Goodwill, simply because there was a long line. I should have known better, of course. Now, I can just picture how a woven leather bag will make me feel like it's not the dead of it's more 70 degrees instead of 30.

So, I am searching for one today! I might (fingers crossed) have luck at Goodwill Outlet...

What else am I searching for? Hmmm. I would like to find a couple belts for myself. All of the ones I've found lately have gone into my etsy shop. I would like a couple cool ones, too!

I could also use a couple pair of pants to help me get out of my blue jeans rut. Of course, that's been going on since I could pick out clothes, so we'll see!

And I'd love to find a vintage cape! I found the perfect one on etsy, but the seller listed the price wrong and wouldn't send it to me after I paid for it. She refunded the money, but still. You'd think you would pay attention to what you list something for.

I've been also keeping an eye out for really cool old books. I love how pretty their covers are, and of course it's nice to read them, too!

Wish me luck :)


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  1. Oh I hate it when I decide to leave something because the line is long and I'm in a hurry. I always regret it and later think, I should have...
    good luck with finding your purse, belt and cape today!


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