Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Amanda's Antique Adventure

As I was saying yesterday, I had a little antique mall adventure on Sunday. I dug and I dug (carefully, as to not break anything expensive!), and I did find some cool stuff! This is the only outfit picture I could bear to take, as it was below freezing outside:

Sweater, Goodwill; Jacket, Salvation Army; Apple Pin, Another's Treasure Shop (available now!)

So, yeah. and I wore my trusty jeans and Justin boots again, too. Yup.

Anyway...Here are some of the awesome things I found:

Piggy Bank With Clear Belly, West End Antique Mall ($4)

Neat Old Scissors, Billy's Little Dodge City ($1)

Dude! Pyrex Cup, West End Antiques ($3)

And finally, for our mantle....

Laugh Baby Bricks, West End Antiques ($2)

It was pretty fun to circle round and round in the different antique shops, but it's not as good as thrifting (as least to me!). It seems like you always see the same type of things for wayyyyy too much at the antique malls, and you never know what you'll find at thrifts.

Although I did notice that my favorite thrift stores were very packed this past weekend. More so than usual. People were being a little too aggressive with their buggies in the Goodwill Outlet! Oh well. I guess everyone had to catch on eventually! (Josh said that maybe they've been reading my blog. Ha!)

Have a good one, everyone!



  1. Cute finds. I love the antique malls but like you find them very repetitive. Thrifts are more my budget also. Just get in there and push your buggy around also.

  2. i love thrifts too...and have noticed how aggressive the folks are becoming. i totally spot the resellers like myself too!

  3. How cute is that piggy bank! Aww I love it!


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