Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Sort of Caving on Antique Stores...

So, I've always been more of a fan of thrift stores than antique stores. But, I'm slowly caving, caving, caving. You see, before I was approaching antique stores all wrong. I was looking- and balking at- the crazy prices of the large items, and not seeing the little things.

When I went to Heritage Antiques last Sunday I finally got it. One of the owners was ringing me up, and she was like, "I always like to see what you find! Always great little things!"

Here's what I got:

Naval Bag Layout Postcard, $1; Two Airplane Clips, $1; Vintage Die, $0.50; JC Pin, $1 (All Heritage Antiques)

Have a great Wednesday- and remember to enter the giveaway! :)



  1. I am like you Amanda, I love to find the little treasures in the Antique Malls. When I check out sometimes I get a 'wow that is a great price for that' so all it takes is time to look!!! I can't pay the big prices but like you can do the little sweet surprise items. Love the airplane clips!

  2. I loooove antique stores, even if I can't afford the larger items. It's like a can walk around for hours looking at the stuff!

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