Friday, January 29, 2010

Russian Hat Friday

This isn't going to be a weekly I only have one fuzzy Russian-like hat, which I picked up yesterday from my local Goodwill!

It was quite funny how I ended up with 'ol Russian... I had found this awesome hat in the hat bin (99 cents!) and tried it on. And this random lady comes up to me and says, "Wow. Is that vintage?"  and reaches over and pats my head! I say, "Um, I think so. Not really old, but probably a couple decades old." 

She doesn't move! Hovering over me like she wants to snatch the hat off of my head, she says that she's been looking for something just like it. 

Well, lady, so have I!

So here is my hard-won Russian-like faux fur hat in all it's glory:

I liked this picture best in sepia tone, because it makes me feel more 'vintage Russian.' Or something.

So, yeah. is calling for snow starting this evening and going all day Saturday, so I might be snowed in all weekend. I've come to terms with missing my thrift day, since I found this hat and other neat things at the local Goodwill after work last night. But I still am sad to be missing Goodwill Outlet tomorrow. Anyone have a snowmobile I can borrow?



  1. Love the hat and I like you and the hat is Russian Sepia tones! Too Cute!

  2. Thanks Linda! I'm so in love with it :) It had that "vintage smell" and I washed it in the washer and it came out perfectly! Just like a cute stuffed animal for my head :)


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