Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Obsession: Vintage Barrettes!

I first fell in love with vintage barrettes when I found my little airplanes at Heritage Antiques a little while ago.

They are just so lovely- and much more sturdy than the dollar store ones of today. Since then, I've found some on etsy (the little stars ones pictured) and trio of yellow ones at another trip to Heritage Antiques yesterday evening.

I am busy collecting even more on etsy, and I will be sure to show you them once they come! (One says 'Friday' on it! So cute!)

So, it is supposed to snow all day today here in Richmond. And the hubby works all weekend at the hospital (he's a nurse tech), so I am stuck here in the apartment by myself with nowhere to go :(

I have a bunch of stuff that I should clean the apartment, organize my closet, etc. What I'll probably end up doing is reading fun blogs and listing tons of stuff in the shop and stomping around a bit in the snow to get rid of my cabin fever.

In any case, I would appreciate any emails ( or comments you could send this way! If I haven't said it lately, thank you so much for choosing to read Another's Treasure :) I hope you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you!



  1. I fell in love with the airplane barrettes when you posted them before and I'm glad you are getting more. They are really cute! Well know you are not alone in reading blogs and not doing housework too! Well maybe I better clean up some. Have a great weekend what ever you choose to do.

  2. Thanks, Linda! Yeah, I'm trying to do a little bit of housework between other things :) Gotta get a little bit done I guess!

  3. I see you changed the layout! It looks very nice, streamlined.

  4. Thanks, Alya! I really like it, too...much easier to navigate :)


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