Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Favorite Things: From Saturday

I had better luck yesterday than Thursday. Maybe Thursdays just aren't made for thrifting? Anyway...I found some really neat things for the etsy shop, so check those out :)

My favorite things for me:

Polaroid Land Camera, Love of Jesus ($1)

We've got a little Kodak/Polaroid collection on our mantle right now that looks pretty neat. I should show you all...(this is me making a mental note to do so!)

Vintage Carpetbags of America Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2)

I must be the only person at my Goodwill Outlet that thinks these old bags are awesome. 'Cause they are always strewn about in the misc. bins on top of broken toys and ugly Christmas stuff! This is my second COA bag and they are both so special!

Handmade Quilt, Goodwill Outlet ($12)

Oh my. When I saw this quilt with it's seafoam green-ness and the white detailing, I couldn't look away. It caught my eye when I was already in line at Goodwill Outlet, and I just had to go get it. I'm pretty sure that the quilts are the most expensive things at my G.O.- even more than the furniture!

When I got home, I discovered that is in perfect condition, except for a small burn hole in the middle. I'm thinking of making a little heart-shape patch to sew on it. Or maybe my initials, something like that. I'll be sure to take photos when I decide what to do.

So, yeah. I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend! I know I am already enjoying mine :)



  1. That purse is so great! Love the colors. Wow on the quilt! Seafoam green and white. Congrats on your good finds!

  2. Great finds. You really have an eye for locating cool goods. The Polaroid camera brings back a lot of memories. Have you looked into whether or not film is available?
    Lady Gaga is the new Creative Director, or something like that, for Polaroid, so your thrifting is hip and right on the money. LOL

  3. Thanks, Erin! Yeah, I am totally in love with Polaroids, but the film is so expensive now! I am constantly on the search for it :)


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