Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Big Mustard

It was pretty cold yesterday morning. But I didn't feel like drowning in my thick winter jacket per usual, so I pulled out Big Mustard to make an appearance! It may be very "one size fits all" baggy in strange places (the arms, especially!), but it's so cozy! I layered it with a new scarf made by my Aunt Shelley, pinned with a special butterfly pin from Grammy.

And, oh. I forgot that my Dooney & Bourke bag didn't sell on eBay (I was secretly glad...I wanted to keep it!), so I threw it on too.

Big Mustard Cardie, Lacoste Wool Sweater, Handmade Scarf, Goodwill Jeans, Goodwill Outlet Loafers, D & B Purse, Grammy's Butterfly Pin

Yeah, and I realize I look super tired here! I tried and failed to sleep in yesterday morning. Oh well. :) (And, um, please excuse the wrinkles on my jeans. :))

I got some really neat things yesterday, but I'll show you what I'm most excited about right now, and the rest this week...

$15 at Midlothian Antiques for Sega Game Gear + Accesories + Game!

So excited! I remember my older cousin playing on his Game Gear back in the day. I thought it was so cool! The funny thing is that I remember it being small- and this baby is huge. It's in great, working condition, and the hubby and I will be off to find more games for it today :)

Have a good one!



  1. I like this outfit! The big cardigan is perfect for winter, and does indeed look cozy.

  2. You are my new hero!

    gorgeous stuff you have gotten... I'd love to be able to go shopping with you... I'm a vintage clothing/thrift store ADDICT.

    (sent her via your cousin BW's blog)

  3. I LOVE your outfit!!
    My father-in-law sent me your blog and I'm totally in love. :) I am a fellow Richmond thrifter. I'm totally going to read through your entire blog after dinner! :)


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