Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture This

Man, I love having a mantle. It's such an adult word- 'mantle.' Anyway. So, I took down the Christmas decorations and decided on a new setup with my little camera collection. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Polaroids! I got 4 packs of 10 on eBay the other night, so I'll have to see if they actually work when they get here :) I'll let you all know, of course!

In other news, my beautiful new computer decided to randomly bite the dust yesterday morning. Ugh. My favorite co-worker (and good friend) told me that maybe my bad luck with computers has to do with the magnetic force in my fingers! I honestly wouldn't be surprised. 

So, I'm stuck using the hubby's baby computer until the Best Buy people can fix it (under warranty! knew that was a good idea!).

Tomorrow's the last day to enter the giveaway! Seriously, people, sign up! Who doesn't like free things? And I just know there's something in the shop for everyone :)

Have a good one- the weekend's drawing near!



  1. Amanda I believe you are full of energy and so might be the reason your computer's crash! Hope it is fixed soon. Love the old cameras. My HH has a huge collection of old cameras. I should photograph them one of these days.

  2. adorable mantle set up! i keep breaking my vintage cameras when i try to use them :( hope your computer gets better soon!


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