Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Finds of 2009 Countdown: Day Six

As the countdown winds down (tomorrow's the last day), I thought I'd share a list of some of my best Christmas present finds.

Because all of the great people I got gifts for this year read this blog, I couldn't risk posting these before now. (And, I also forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away...whoops!)

I do have access to the hubby's, so here are the awesome Nintendo games (he has a Nintendo) I got him for Christmas/ our anniversary:

Awesome, right?

I also got him a collection of vintage James Bond novels and a Pink Floyd CD, all from thrift stores!

Some other Christmas present finds:

A pansy glass plate, a Stone Mountain leather purse, three Munich large glass beer mugs, a Longerberger basket, a vintage Boy Scout first aid kit, various made in Japan goodies, and a Lenox Christmas ornament, among others!

It was so much fun to find most of the Christmas gifts at thrift stores this year. Not only was it easier on the budget, but it seemed to mean more too. I hope everyone liked their gifts (you know who you are!), and have a great last couple days of the year, everyone!!!


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