Thursday, December 17, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Some of my favorite things from yesterday:

#1: Vintage Black Velvet Clutch

Why? I am really in love with old things, and this is just beautifully made and just feels like quality. I got this at Love of Jesus for a mere $1, which makes it even more special. It had the little card with No 54 inside the little zipper!

#2: Black Cut-Out Doc Martins

Why? Um, I like Doc Martins? Growing up, I always wanted them, but they were so expensive! And now I have two pairs :) Ah, thrifting. While I love my other Docs to death, I wanted a black pair too! The very best thing about these is that they were only $3.

#3: Vintage Sewing Basket (as under-desk wastebasket)

Why? I keep having little scraps of paper that I go to throw in the wastebacket under my desk, only to find that I don't have one! Well, now I do. And a quite pretty (and cheap at 50 cents) one, too :)

#4: 80s Sequin T-Shirt

Why? I only recently discovered the "vintage clothing" section of Family Thrift. And to my surprise, everything is priced about the same as regular clothes! I got this neat, sparkly tshirt straight from the 80s for a mere 2 bucks. It kind of reminds me of my high school chorus outfit, which was also sparkly black and gold (although this was in the 2000s, not the 80s.)

#5: Hearts Scarf

Why? Man, am I a sucker for a cute scarf! I couldn't resist the little hearts or the combo of black, red and blue. Since I got this baby at Goodwill Outlet, it was a mere...less than $1. (I doubt it weighed more than a pound!)

So, there you go! My favorite purchases from yesterday's thrift day :)



  1. AHH!! These things are AWESOME! I am so jealous of your clutch and Sequin Tee!

    Why don't we live near each other? I know I always say this, but you really do find the best things.


  2. I know, Amy! It would be so much fun to go thrifting with you :) We definitely appreciate a lot of the same cool things! Thank you so much for your comments- they mean so much :)

  3. The sequin 80s top: to DIE for! I have thrift envy!!


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