Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Thrift-tacular Christmas!

If you've been reading this blog for little bit (or if you know me!) you know I'm not afraid to be a little silly :) Thus, the sometimes wacky and tacky titles!

But one of the things I like to be fairly traditional is Christmas decor.

Like, classic with a little bit of a twist.

Here's what we have up in our apartment for Christmas:

Little Glass Christmas Tree, Goodwill ($2); Vintage Christmas Bulbs, Good Samaritan ($1)

Christmas Tree With Lights Attached, Big Lots ($30); Various Ornaments, Friends and Family; Gift Bags, Dollar Tree ($1 each); Extra Set of Lights on Tree, Good Samaritan ($1)

While we couldn't find a tree small enough at thrift stores, we did find the little glass tree and the vintage bulbs at thrifts! I think I've seen the bulb-in-a-glass look before, and I really love how it looks on our mantle. I think our little Big Lots tree works just fine-especially with extra-pretty lights from Good Samaritan!

I've seen so many cute Christmas things at the thrifts I go to, but I feel like any more decoration would be overkill in our small apartment. It still seems nice and Christmas-y in here, though :)

Hope you all have a really great Wednesday!


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