Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tomboy Treasures and Girly Frills!

Looking through all the awesome things I scored yesterday between the yard sale I went to and my usual thrifts, they were divided. I had some very tomboy-ish treasures, but also more girly things than I usually gravitate toward.

Here are the girly things:

From top left, clockwise: Chanel-esque bow flats, Good Samaritan ($1.99); Baby Sitters Club, Super Special Winter Break, Goodwill ($1.00); Vintage Thread on Wooden Spools, Good Samaritan ($1.00 for all); Super Vintage Hat, Love of Jesus ($1.00)

I surprised myself by liking these shoes, but I really am in love with them! My very first vintage shoes :) Same goes with the really neat vintage hat!

And the Baby Sitters Club book- awesome. When I was in 5th grade, I wrote a play with the characters from the books, and my friends and I acted it out. I believe there is still a tape or two of it floating around out there...scary.

I plan on using the vintage thread to tie up treasures that I sell on etsy. I couldn't resist the pretty colors!

And here, the more tomboy-ish ones:

Vintage Isotoner Gloves, Midlothian Antiques ($3.00); Vintage Boy Scout First Aid Kit, Yard Sale (<$1); 90s Samsonite Overnight Bag, Good Samaritan ($2.00); Various Old Paperbacks, Goodwill Outlet (25 cents each)

As you can see, I did find a Samsonite overnight bag, although not as old as I had hoped! But it has plenty of pockets to organize road-trip type things, so it works :) And I found my (kind of) leather gloves! They are leather where it counts (on the fingers so you can drive with them), and they are stretchy, so they're really comfy!

I couldn't believe it when I saw the old Boy Scout First Aid Kit- it still has some of the things inside, unused! When he saw me carrying it around, the guy running the yard sale said I had a good eye. I guess so, I said, but I just really like cool old things!

And I can't wait to dive right into those old books! So fun- and quick reads, too. Perfect for our relaxing little vacation over Christmas :)

Sorry for the word-heavy post today, but I am just so excited about these cool things!!!!


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