Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I'm Wanting: For Christmas Break

So, today I am on the lookout for some things that will make my Christmas break even better! (The hubby and I are going to NC to meet up with some of my family. Can't wait!)

Anyway... here's what I'm looking for today:

This will be so perfect in the car to hold the road trip essentials and the last couple things that don't fit in my Samsonite suitcase and train case!! (I totally understand that I'm odd to be so obsessed with this stuff :)

  • A cozy pair of cute (is this possible?) sweats

  • A couple really soft sweaters

  • Vintage Leather Gloves

  • Some cute and comfy T's

And then, not for the trip...

  • A new computer chair! (We're using one of our dining room chairs right now...not too comfy!)

  • Cool stuff for the etsy store (Let me know if you're looking for something specific!)

All right, here I go!


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  1. Hey Amanda!! I am totally with you still on the train cases...well any kind of box/case really that's vintage. Yesterday I stopped by a thrift store while out running errands and found a round, cream vintage hat box with the hat STILL inside!! It was so neat and only $2!!!

    Happy thrifting! Love your posts :)


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