Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Desk

When I was younger, I always liked having a bulletin board. I'd post up all of my poems and photo booth photos and friends' yearbook photos signed on the back. Even through college, I'd keep up some sort of collage.

The past year or so, though, I've been without both a desk and an inspiration board due to a tiny apartment. And now that's all over! I am so happy to have a space to blog and read and work again.

Here's my current inspiration board, filled with 70s magazine clippings, fall leaves, buttons and sparkly nail polish:

And here is my Planters Cocktail Peanuts tin I got for free at an estate sale, which holds my pencils:

And my old-timey pencil sharpener I found at Good Samaritan for practially nothing:

And my little wooden lap desk from the Williamsburg Antique Store, my 3-D glasses from this weekend for 30 cents, a Tiffany box with the pins for sale on etsy in it, a scale, and my two little books from Goodwill:

And I love my green lamp, which my wonderful hubby bought at Love of Jesus for $10 for me!

Everything about my desk makes me so happy! I love to be able to sit and read my favorite blogs (and write this one!) while surrounded by pretty little things.

Hope everyone's Tuesday is awesome! Remember, you still have until Friday at 6:00 pm to enter the giveaway here!!!!


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  1. LOVE the inspiration board - and the 1970s fashions are so amazing, I hope they inspire many a fab outfit for you! Keep meaning to erect my own inspiration board - yours will inspire me to do so! BTW I bet that Planter's Peanut jar is worth something esp if it's old - what do you think?


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