Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Obsession(s): Vintage Love

There is something just...magical...about vintage items. I love that something has a history, and vintage packaging is always cooler than new.

I've been slowly collecting vintage board games for their charm and to play! The hubby and I like to sit around and lazily play, making up rules as we go (sometimes the rules make it too hard!).

Word-Wise is definitely one of those games. You are supposed to be able to make up at least 5-letter words from the cards you're dealt, but the hubby and I couldn't do it! So naturally we changed it to 4-letter words.

Another thing I am obsessed with lately is reading vintage fashion blogs. I have been poring over the pages of Liebemarlene, Blooming Leopold, and The Cat's Pajamas for the past couple days. They've had me itching to go to another estate sale (I've got one lined up for Saturday, fingers crossed!).

I don't know how I never had gone to an estate sale until a couple weeks ago. It really is like going to another time and place, searching through someone's old life for things that you can give a new life to.

So, yeah. My new obsessions!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! The weekend (estate sale, thrift stores, fun......) is drawing near!

Oh, and remember remember the fourth of December...enter on Monday's post for Friday's giveaway!


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  1. "Remember remember the fourth of December" has a bit of a ring to it, I must say...could be a good song, if something significant happened on that date. :)


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