Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Thrifting Outfit: Stuff To Show Off!

So today I decided to show off some of my very favorite recent purchases, including perfect jeans, an Orvis military-style purple jacket, and the brand-new leather bag from the other day. I also am wearing my sunglasses holder pin for the first time- with some awesome vintage clubmaster-style sunnies! I figured I would go ahead and post my outfit tonight, and post tomorrow about some of the awesome stuff I got.

I already listed some of it in the etsy shop if you're interested. One of today's things actually already sold! Talk about turn around time! Anyway, here's my outfit:

Jacket, Jeans, and Pendleton Sweater- all Goodwill. Leather Bag, Goodwill Outlet. Shoes (not seen), Goodwill Outlet. Grey Shirt (underneath sweater), Dollar Tree.

I hope everyone has a great evening! Promise I'll show you my finds tomorrow :)



  1. I think the cozy, homebody sweater is the perfect juxtaposition to the military styled jacket. Nice job with the pairing!

  2. Thanks, Alya! When I looked back at the pictures, I was like, "I have to repeat this outfit with some of my other country-type sweaters!" Who knew they would work so well together?


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