Monday, December 21, 2009

Thrifting Essentials, Another's Treasure-Style

When you start thrifting every weekend, you learn quickly how to keep organized and sane. First off, here's what I always have, no matter what purse I'm toting:

1. Two wallets- one with just my thrifting cash (usually $20 or $30, in ones, fives and tens) and one with my driver's license, debit card, etc. This keeps me organized, and makes me less likely to drop/lose/whatever my real wallet with my DL and cards in it!

2. Two cell phones. This really has nothing to do with anything, except that I have two cell phones. One is TMobile that I talk to my parents and Florida friends on, and the other is Verizon that I talk to my hubby and Virginia friends on. Well, I mostly text, but you get the point!

3. Always, Always Hand Sanitizer. This. Is. A. Must. I don't care how clean the thrift store you're in looks, it probably isn't! So, do yourself a favor and sanitize! After every thrift store I go to, I use this stuff.

4. Lip gloss. For some reason, my lips always get chapped when I'm in thrift stores. Weird, but I keep this stuff around for that reason.

5. Gum. I just think gum is always a good idea. When do you not need minty fresh breath? :)

What are your thrift essentials?



  1. I am always curious to see what other young ladies have in their pocketbooks; you see, my bags are largely for show. Inside there is usually not much of anything, save for Chapstick, my cell phone, and money. Oh, and the million crumpled receipts I amass over weeks of shopping.

    When preparing for thrifting, I wear something I can easily take on and off, though, 'cause I know I'm not going to be able to ballpark my size. Trying everything on can be tiresome! :)

  2. glad i found your blog! it's great! i love thrift stores. Totally agree with the sanitizer. especially since i let my toddler play with the toys to keep him happy!
    i also take pics with my phone to check re-saleablilty of items later. Someday i'll have internet on my phone!


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