Friday, July 30, 2010

Guy Finds Friday, By Josh

Greetings fellow thrifters! It's Josh, aka: the hubby. Although I don't thrift to live and live to thrift, I do tag along sometimes, in search of 'mantiques'...

Saturday, at Goodwill Outlet, Amanda and I stumbled upon this Super Nintendo in one of the bins. I couldn't believe my eyes, 'cause just minutes before I'd been thinking that I wanted one! It's the only 1990s mainstream gaming system I haven't owned.

SNES, Goodwill Outlet ($3); SNES Games, Diversity Thrift ($3 each)

Later that day, we took a trip to Diversity Thrift, where I'd never been. On the way, I couldn't stop thinking about finding games for my new SNES. When we got there, I went straight to the glass cases and there were the Super Nintendo games I'd been looking for!

I guess, with guy finds like these, my thrifting's far from 'Game Over'.

Until next Friday,


  1. Cool post! I've been reading off and on for awhile now, but it's neat to see some guy stuff!

  2. Cool! nice find Josh! maybe i can play some games with you next time im over there! just like when we were little!


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