Monday, July 19, 2010

Sometimes, You Do Find What You're Looking For :)

Excepting the crazy lady at Goodwill Outlet Saturday, I had some great thrifting luck :) I found some things I've been searching for, and some unique vintage goodies as well! I guess I didn't jinx myself after all by writing about what I was wanting :)

Here, my friends, are the two main things I was searching for this week and found:

Unique, Non-Metal Jewelry, Good Samaritan (about $2 for all)


Fringed Leather Bucket-Style Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2)

I actually found the purse right before the crazy lady came up to me at Goodwill Outlet. If it wasn't in my hand when she yelled at me to get out of her way, I wouldn't have gone back to get it! I wish everyone would just be nice :)

I have plenty more goodies to show you this week! I totally lucked out and found the hubby some awesome things too. I've been trying to get him to do a guest post about his goodies. Sometimes, I think he's become a better thrifter than me!



  1. Some people are just mean. I find crazy people at thrift stores all the time. I just assume that they hate their lives and I feel better knowing that I love mine! But that's just RUDE! You shop your little heart out!

  2. Did she look like she was on drugs? She was probably on drugs. That's what I assume when people are jerks. Or like Megan said, that their life sux and I just feel sorry for them :) But, when that happens in front of me to someone I know, I freak out. I'm very protective of my friends and family. So just know, if I was there, I would've smacked her. Anyway, glad you found such an awesome bag!!! Forget that beotch!!


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