Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vintage Lovelies and Oddities

I found some great old things on Saturday! At Good Samaritan, I snatched up an old silver bowl with '1927' carved on the bottom. At the antique mall, I picked up a small wooden bowling ball trophy that once belonged to a chap named 'Hap'. Or maybe that was his special bowling name?

Tiny Bowling Pin, West End Antiques ($1); Plastic Gun Tape Measure, W.E.A. ($5); Silver Bowl, Good Samaritan
(50 cents)
The most odd of these treasures has to be the plastic gun tape measure! Have you ever seen such a thing? The very best part of it is that once you've measured your item, you pull the trigger to get the tape back in the gun! Ahhh, such fun!

Happy Thursday, everyone :)


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  1. What a cool tape measure! It really goes back in by pulling the trigger? That is so neat!


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