Monday, July 12, 2010

Snoopy, Captains Courageous and the Unique Wallet

Even though I find quirky jewelry of some sort almost every weekend, I didn't find any this weekend! Perhaps I jinx myself when I write about what I'm looking for? Oh well, no biggie :)

I did find unique things in a red and white leather wallet, and some neat old kid's books:

Wallet, Goodwill Outlet ($1); Books, Love of Jesus ($1)

I'm not sure what brand the wallet is, just that it's nice leather and reminds me of a swiss army knife! I like it so much that I emptied out my old wallet and started using the new one right away :)

The books are both from the 1950s, and I especially love the Snoopy one!  

Have a great Monday :)



  1. You're right- it does look like the Swiss army knife sign...I wonder where it's from!

  2. I like the wallet. It reminds me of my Thirst Aid glasses.

  3. Hi!, my mom lost a wallet exactly like this and we haven't been able to find another, so if you'd ever consider selling this one? Please let me know!!!! I can send you my info if you decide you can part with it :)


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