Friday, July 2, 2010

Leather and Gold and Sparkles, Oh My!

The estate sale the hubby and I went to this past Sunday was nothing short of a goldmine! I usually go to estate sales on the last day, since the prices are generally reduced and I almost always find something I love for close to nothing. This sale was interesting because it was 50% off before 3 pm and then 75% off from 3-5 pm.

We went at about 1, and there were hardly any people there! I snagged a leather suitcase for $2 and an expandable leather tote for $1 and was super happy with my finds. That's when I saw the huge tupperware container filled with vintage pins and jewelry. The prices were a little steep for me, so I decided to buy the bags and come back later for the pins...

Leather Suitcase ($2); AT Initials Sweater Clip ($0.25); Leather Expandable Tote ($1); Leapard Pin ($1)

When I went back (by way was I dragging my poor hubby back to the same estate sale!), it was packed. I had to park probably a quarter mile away from the house and walk alongside the long line of parallel-parked cars back to the estate sale.

Inside the house, it was insane. The tupperware container with the jewelry was surrounded by about 10 women who were throwing treasures in their shopping bags without even looking at them! I managed to wedge my way in and grabbed all the pretty things I could. Luckily, most of the pieces I had my eye on earlier were still there!

I lucked out and ended up with some pretty pins and jewelry, most of which are in or on their way to my little etsy shop. I had to keep the pretty leopard pin and the initialed sweater's 'AT'! For either Amanda Turner or Another's Treasure :)

What a fun day! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I love that leopard pin! So sparkly!

  2. spiffy suitcase! great find :)

  3. Thanks, Emily and Charles! I was so excited to find such great things :) Estate sales can be pretty hit or miss!


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