Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Circle Sunglasses: Old and New

So, I found the perfect vintage circle aviator-style sunglasses on Saturday while thrifting. Then, an hour later, I found the perfect pair of new circle sunglasses on super-clearance at Marshalls!

Naturally, I got both and decided to wear them around to see which I liked best. Since the new ones are Cynthia Rowley and stay on my little nose better, I chose them :)

Here are both, side-by-side:

Vintage Round Aviators, Another's Treasure Etsy Shop; Cynthia Rowley Vintage Honey Sunnies, Marshall's

I love the vintage ones, but the new sunnies are so perfect for me that I know I won't wear them enough. Off to the etsy shop they go!

I've been trying to post more items in the shop, but it's been way too darn hot to take pictures outside. I've just kind of settled on decent indoor ones until it cools down a little bit :)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



  1. Love both of those sunglasses!! I'm glad you finally found some that work for you!

  2. Oooo!! I love both pairs so much! Glad you found some that fit you really well. Sometimes mine are too tight and give me a headache :)


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