Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chucks, Birks, and a Purse

I've always been a Converse girl. Well, at least since 9th grade, when my good pal Lindsay got some and I thought they were the coolest thing ever!

Imagine my excitement when they brought out new bins of shoes at Goodwill Outlet Saturday, and there sat brand new Chucks- in my size!

Naturally, I grabbed them and hi-tailed it away from the crazies throwing shoes everywhere as they dug. I'm not about to get yelled at by one of the extreme thrifters again :)

Love of Jesus also had a pair of shoes I've been wanting: good ol' comfy Birkenstocks in a cute variation of the originals.

I've sadly worn my thrifted fringed sandals down to nothing, so the Birks will be a great replacement for these last couple scorcher months :)

Lastly, I found this Chanel-like purse at Goodwill Outlet. I have always thought the copy-cat ones were kind of silly, but this one is more special feeling.

The faux-alligator top and black quilted bottom together make it a bit nicer than the usual peeling-vinyl plain ones. It's probably just the black/brown purse combo rubbing off on me from my mom :)

Have any of you found anything fun lately? I know some of you are participating in the remix challenge going around the blogosphere, but I bet you'll have epic thrifting luck after a 30 day absence!

I hope you have a great Tuesday :)
Always, Amanda


  1. Ok. So. You inspired me last Saturday. I went to MY FIRST ESTATE SALE at a house off Cherokee Rd. that I'd been lusting after when it was for sale. It was SO FUN to see the inside of the house and I got six super cute napkin rings for $1.60. Everything else was way overpriced. But fun nontheless.
    THEN I decided to go to the Goodwill Outlet for the first time. I had some trouble figuring out where to park and where the entrance was. So I asked the friendly neighborhood Goodwill employees where to park. They creepily invaded my personal bubble, hit on me, and tried to give me their "card" whatever that means... since obvs... you work for Goodwill. I don't want a part of your drug selling business or whatever. I said "NOTHANKYOU!!" and quickly got back in my car. I finally found where to park, and started walking down that long outdoor corridor. Seriously, it went on forever. As I'm walking and walking I'm thinking about my encounter with the creepy young men. And I'm thinking... ok so those are the people that would help me load something into my car if I found something big... hmmm. So after seemingly miles of walking, I gave up, turned around, and right near the parking lot, saw a door with no windows with the hours for the outlet on it. Figured that was the entrance? Tried to pull that door open and it was semi-stuck. Not sure if it was locked, but that was the last straw. Finally thoroughly creeped out, I decided that CLEARLY this adventure was NOT MEANT TO BE and I drove home. Maybe next time. ;)

  2. I like those sandals! What a great deal on Converse too!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the estate sale at least! Maybe we could meet up at the Goodwill Outlet sometime and go in together. You just drive around and park in the back parking lot, and that door was the right one :) I promise it isn't scary! Let me know if you want to meet up :)

  4. We totally need to do that. :) It'll be a couple of weekends before I'll have time for much thrifting, but I'll email you soon! Have you heard about this gigantic yard sale?
    It's a drive for us Richmond folk, but sounds awesome nonetheless!

  5. That does sound cool! I'll have to look into it :)


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