Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adventures of a Cheap Antiquer

Saturday I found some great things, like the pretty leather goods I showed you all yesterday. However, I didn't find that many things. Which was all good, since I spent less than ten bucks, and half of that was the sandals!

All this to say that today I'm showing you the rest of what I thrifted this weekend. I found, after all this time, the perfect vintage boater hat! And, after re-reading the Mary Kay Andrews book at the beach, I found a couple more of hers to read, along with this post's namesake:

Boater Hat, Family Thrift ($1); Books, Goodwill Outlet ($2 for all)

I can't wait to read all of those books, but I couldn't help but start with Adventures of a Cheap Antiquer by Arline Beitler! It was written in the 1970s, and it talks about how the prices in the thrift stores are rising, and how Salvation Army is the place to still get a deal. I find it so interesting to read about someone's adventures searching for old things back when my parents were in high school :)

And the boater hat? Definitely another thing I thought I'd never be able to find at a thrift store! Remember when I gave up and got a Target dollar section one? I'm happy to now have two, although perhaps the vintage one might make it's way to the etsy shop eventually.

Have a great Tuesday :)



  1. The boater hat is a true find! Also love Mary Kay Andrews and you will enjoy reading more of her books! I would love to read Adventures of a Cheap Antiquer...who is the author? Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Such a cute hat! Glad you found yet another item on your list.

  3. Thanks, Linda and Alya! I was so surprised to finally find a boater hat at the thrift store! I'll update the post with the author, too: it's Arline Beitler.

  4. The book looks awesome!! You'll have to fill us in with any juicy details or tips :)

  5. You are making me want a boater hat! As always, good finds! :0)
    -Indiana@Adored Austin.

  6. Thanks, Megan and Indiana! I can't wait to sport the boater hat this weekend and I'll def be sharing tips from the crazy book!


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