Friday, July 23, 2010

Guy Finds Friday

In light of the fact that my dad and uncle and a couple other guys read this little blog, I've decided to start 'Guy Finds Friday'! I'm hoping my awesome, slightly reluctant thrifting buddy (my hubby) will write one of these posts soon :)

This week, I'm going to show you the cool guy things I got for him this past weekend:

Vintage Metal Airplane, Goodwill Outlet; Vintage Razor, Estate Sale; Niagara Falls Pipe, Estate Sale
My favorite would have to be the crazy razor! You squeeze the two handles and it really works like an electric one. (Unfortunately, the hubby found this out the hard way when we saw one at an antique store once. He shaved a whole patch of hair right off his arm!)

The pipe, while not totally functional, was only a dollar and has 'Niagara Falls' on it! Definitely a manly souvenir if I've ever seen one.

I hope you have a happy Friday! I can't wait to hit the thrifts tomorrow :)



  1. That razor looks awesome, but also like something I would end up injuring myself with.

  2. Oh gosh that's too funny that he took a patch of hair off his arm!

  3. As one of the apparently few male readers of this outstanding blog, I appreciate the effort to appease the male demographic.

    Love you.


  4. Lol, you all are awesome! Poor hubby did indeed shave a chunk of hair off his arm :) And thanks, Dad! You're the best!


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