Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I'm Wanting: A Fringed Leather Bucket Bag

You know how yesterday I got all weird on you and told the pretend story of two wooden animals? Sometimes I let my imagination get the best of me, and I get to thinking about the past and future lives of thrifted things! And I actually left a word out of one of the sentences, as my eagle-eyed dad pointed out for me :) Let's just write it off as an odd post. Deal?

Anyway...this week I'm looking for a great fringed leather bucket-style bag. I've had my eyes peeled for quite some time- I even bought one on etsy that turned out to be not so great. (Smelled like it was used as an ashtray of some sort. Yuck.)

Here's one that does look great, and is pretty close to what I'm wanting:

Fringed Leather Bag found here on etsy

Of course unique accessories are still on the list, too :) Oh, and while I'm totally jinxing myself from ever finding these goodies, I'd like some Polaroid 600 film too!

You never know, though. That's the beauty of thrifting. Tomorrow might be the day that I walk into Goodwill Outlet and find a fringed bucket bag, some 30 cent jewelry, Polaroid film, and designer shoes!

I know most of you who read this understand what I mean. It's not like going to the mall, where you pretty much know what you'll find. A thrift store can be like the toy store is for kids. You get that little excited flutter in your heart as you walk through the door, where amazing finds may be just moments away.

Have a great Saturday!! (Can you tell I'm ready to get out and thrift? Lol!)



  1. I didn't think yesterday's post was weird at all! I think the same thing about old treasures! I hope you find all the things you're searching for this weekend!


  2. Thanks Jackie :) It means so much to have supportive and wonderful readers :)


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