Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Freshly Thrifted Picks!

Sunday, the hubby and I braved the intense 105 degree heat to check out an estate sale near our apartment. Unfortunately, it was mostly a bust, but it did give me a chance to throw on some of Saturday's thrifted finds!
Striped Shirt, Love of Jesus; Vintage Sunnies, Good Samaritan; Necklace, West End Antiques; Purse, Goodwill Outlet; Jeans, Goodwill; Birkenstocks, Love of Jesus (100% Thrifted!)

And guess what? I actually remembered to have the hubby take some close-ups! I usually forget, although I'm going to try and do this more often. (Although I'm sure you don't especially need to see my blue polka-dotted toenail polish!)

Birks, Love of Jesus ($1); Necklace, West End Antiques ($12)

I usually don't spend as much as twelve bucks on a necklace (or anything, really...) but I had to make an exception for this one :) I can even carry something tiny in the little pouch!

I hope everyone's having a great week!



  1. So I know I'm about 2 hours away, but we've gotta go thrifting together for fun:) Preferrably when it isn't 105 outside. There was no way in hell I was leaving my apartment over the weekend, although I did think about it a million times.

  2. Thanks, Megan! Definitely, Emily! When it cools down a bit, we should definitely meet up :) This hot weather is killing me, and I'm from Florida!

  3. I want to see your polka dotted nail polish!!! Maybe it is weird to say, but your skin looks really good against the gray in those sandals. And I love the little necklace that you "splurged on" - totally worth it!!

  4. Thanks Megan! I agree :) And thanks, Amy! I'm definitely diggin striped tops right now :)


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