Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ah, Columbus!

Don't you just love fun holidays where you get the day off but don't have any celebratory obligations? Well, I do! Yesterday was definitely one of those great days, too :) I dragged the hubby back to my fave thrift stores (that I usually go to on Saturdays) and found some really great things :)

Here's what I wore:
Moto-like Jacket, Love of Jesus ($3); Cato Top, Goodwill ($2); Old Navy Jeans, Goodwill ($4); Woven Flats, Love of Jesus ($3); Vera Bradley Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2!)

I was excited to wear some of my recent finds for the first time- especially the super-comfy jacket and my authentic Vera Bradley purse that I got at the Goodwill Outlet for $2! The funniest thing about it was that the lady that rang up my stuff there was all, "Ma'am, now you know this bag is going to be $2...do you still want it?"

Um, yeah. :)
Anyway. I found some cool things yesterday that I'm dying to show off:

Some great pins to add to my growing collection: All from Family Thrift (between $1 and $2-the flower, the butterfly, and the opal and gold pin) or Good Samaritan ($0.50 each- the rooster, the pear, and the double rings.)

And some more:

From top left, clockwise: Silk Scarf, FanTastic Thrift ($1); Gucci Sunglasses Case, Family Thrift ($0.45); Super-Cool Sunglasses Case, FanTastic Thrift ($0.75); Tripod!, FanTastic Thrift ($1.75)

I'd say that I had a pretty successful day :) I did get another pair of sunglasses too, but I'm going to post about that (and my other new obsessions) tomorrow!



  1. oh my, a tripod for $1.75...score!
    I could live without thrift stores!!

  2. Ooh you got some amazing deals! I love those pins and I can't believe you got a tripod for $1.75- AMAZING!!


  3. Thanks for the comments! I know- I was looking for a tripod, but I didn't think I'd find such a nice one so cheap! I did a little happy dance :)

  4. Hey Amanda,
    What a great blog you have. We like so much of the same stuff. I'll become a Follower and link you too. Consider yourself entered in the contest!


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