Monday, October 5, 2009

They're Not Identical Twins.

The other day, I totally fell in love.

OK, OK...not with a guy (completely in love with my hubby), but with boots. From Goodwill.

Take a look at these $4 beauties: (The same ones I wore on my thrifting day!)

I was being a total dork- I decided to go thrifting on my lunch break. So, I was winding through the store, quickly looking through, when I spotted these leather boots. I stopped. I checked- my size! I grabbed them, paid, and ran out the door back to work.

Fast-forward to later that evening, at home, cleaning my new boots with leather cleaner and anti-bacterial wipes. I look at the boots more closely and see that they are TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS! One's a 7.5 and one's an 8- different brands.

But guess what? They totally fit and look like they go together, so that's enough for me!
My new boots reminded me of these I saw on for $26.80! (I like mine better, though :))

Have a great Monday!

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