Thursday, October 15, 2009

File This Under: Best Find Ever!

I had this feeling- I can't really explain it, but I think I have a thrifting sixth sense or something- that I should go to Goodwill on my break today.

Now, this is the same Goodwill that I found, and then lost, my precious JCrew flats I mentioned earlier. But this time I totally scored!

I not only found the most beautiful, perfect Dooney & Bourke bag for $4, but I also found a JCrew belt, a Louis Vuitton purse strap (don't know what I'll use it for yet, but I'll use it!), and the cutest brown pair of sloutchy boots!

Meet my new brown boots :) $2

I like how my new boots are sort of cowboy, sort of Native American... (it's not PC to say "Indian" in this case, is it?)

Anyway... and my D & B purse. Oh my. I saw it, and I totally fell in love. Even before I opened the flap and made the discovery that it was-gasp!-worth a whole lot more than $4!

Such a pretty bag, $4

And just so you can see it's real-ness in all it's glory...

Ahhhh. How I can I even hope to find anything great this weekend when I found so many treasures today? Let's hope this luck never runs out!




  1. wow i love those books!! they are gorgeous!
    Amazing blog! ♥ love your style!

  2. what amazing finds! your so lucky!

  3. Thank you! I totally know how lucky I am- I just hope this luck doesn't run out on me!

  4. Hahahahahaha, I have those moments too... when a little voice inside me tells me to go to the thrift store ;)

    Great boots!

  5. OK, that is it!! I am going thrifting with you... you always find the best things. I want those boots... and I can't believe you found a D&B purse for $4. Awesome!!


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