Monday, October 26, 2009

Green is Good

Probably the thing I love the most about Goodwill Outlet is that I can always find super-cute stuff for usually less than a dollar. I can't imagine walking into Dollar Tree and finding this jacket:

Old Navy Corduroy Jacket, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)

I think I'm going to treat it like a jean jacket and just throw it on over anything this fall :)

That's about all I got on Saturday...

The hubby and I ventured out to Williamsburg yesterday and went to a couple thrift stores and the most awesome antique store EVER. Think the very very best thrift store with awesome things that are still at thrift prices. I'll definitely be sharing those finds with you very soon!

Have a great Monday, everyone!



  1. I bought that same jacket at my local Goodwill, except in brown! Oh, and it was $4 so you got the better deal. Hahaha.

  2. Lol. I love Goodwill Outlet! They sometimes still have the Goodwill price on stuff, and it will be wayyy more than the by-the-pound price...crazy :)


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