Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Thrifty Quaker + More!

Yesterday, I found myself on the thrift store side of town for job training, and I got out in time to run through a couple of my faves and visit a new one: The Thrifty Quaker!

One of the hubby's friends told me about this tiny little place, and I was of course dying to check it out!

The Thrifty Quaker

I found some great things in this cute place: 3 old magazines (including the defunct Jane!) for 25 cents each, 3 bangles for $1, A tie-dye T for $2, and a crazy claw necklace for 75 cents.

I also visited Family Thrift, where I got the rest of the fun stuff below: 2 scarves (one is Oscar de la Renta!) for 75 cents each, elbow-length mint green gloves for $2, and the so-tacky-it's-awesome Antiques sweater for $1!

Fun stuff from Thrifty Quaker and Family Thrift

Even though I only had about an hour to jet through, I think I found some pretty cute stuff :)

I've got to get back to work, but I'll have some more fun stuff tomorrow!


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