Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Thrifting Day: Wrap-Up!

My super-full bag at Goodwill Outlet: Total cost: $9.95
Today, I'm finally going to wrap-up talking about my epic thrifting Saturday. (Until the next epic trip!)
I just have a couple more finds to share with you, like these two pairs of pants:

Brand-new Target Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Goodwill ($4); Dark Brown Courds, Goodwill Outlet (less than $1)
I almost couldn't believe all of the treasures I found that day! I've shown you all everything except for the gifts I got, since those people might happen upon my blog ;) I honestly filled in all of the missing gaps in my wardrobe, even if I didn't find all of the Forever 21-inspired things I was looking for.
I guess it's when you're not looking for something that you find great things!
I leave you with some inside views of the thrift stores I visited Saturday:

Goodwill Outlet Bins; Purses at Good Samaritan; Shoes at Good Samaritan; Cute Chair at Love of Jesus
Have a great day!


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