Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Tacky Tourist Makes Her Mark

Why the title of this post? Look no further than what I wore today:

Left: Crazy Snuggie-like Sweatshirt, Goodwill ($2); Jeans, TJ Maxx ($8); Tights, Dollar Tree ($1); Shoes, Goodwill Outlet ($1); Purse, Goodwill ($4) Right: (What I had to change into 'cause it was sooo cold!) Grey Sweatshirt, Wal Mart ($5); Blue Shirt, Goodwill ($3); rest the same

Yeah. I know I look like some sort of crazy-weird tourist in both outfits, what with the sandals with socks, bag slung over my shoulder, and sweatshirts galore. But in some ways, I am still a tourist in this town. I've been here less than a year, and I still need my GPS to get anywhere, so I think I can get away with this get-up every once in awhile :)

Anyway. So today I was looking for JCrew flats again (denied, again) and a leather jacket (denied). What did I find? Only the most awesome things, ever! (Until next time, anyway.)

Here's what I found:

Another Samsonite Train Case! With the tray!, Love of Jesus ($2); Polaroid Camera w/two packs of film!!!, Antique Store ($6); Pirate Cup, Antique Store ($0.50); Skeleton Key, Antique Store ($2)

So, yeah. I found not only a Polaroid camera, but film!! They don't sell it in stores anymore, so it's hard to find, and expensive if you do find it. Most of the treasures above were found at an Antique store near a thrift store I tried to check out today, which ended up being closed on Sundays. It had this whole back room of stuff for a dollar or two, which I thought was really cool.

The train case I found at Love of Jesus, and I got it, even though I have two other ones now! They are so great for organization and I love the look of them :)

More on my Saturday finds tomorrow- I have to finish some laundry!


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