Monday, October 12, 2009

Thrift Crawl Destination: Orlando, FL

Goodwill Orlando, Photo via infoUSA

I spent four (great!) years of my life in Orlando, Florida, going to the University of Central Florida, where I graduated with a degree in journalism.

However, it seems like the time I spent frequenting thrift stores is more useful to me now! (Although, yes, I do write this blog, so I guess I use some of my journalism knowledge.) Anyway, these are my former haunts, and yes, I do miss them!

1) Thriftko
1442 State Road 436 Ste 1028, Casselberry, FL 32707

This place is HUGE, a little smelly, and really random. But they do have great prices and, if you dig, some fun stuff! I especially have had luck finding back issues of magazines (Lucky! Domino! Allure!) for 25 cents, cute bags for a couple bucks, and really great vintage clothes. So if you can get over the dingy-ness, you can dig up some treasure for sure!

2) The Salvation Army Thrift Store
1330 Semoran Blvd.Casselberry, FL 32707

Self-explanatory. Most people have been in a Salvation Army. This one is the largest one I've ever been to, though! And I've found some really cute old sunnies there. When my former roomie (Miss you, Steph!) and I were bedecking our half-bath senior year, we came here for beach-themed treasures- and everything ended up being half off!

3)The Auxiliary White Elephant Thrift Shop
2411 Aloma Ave.Winter Park, FL 32792

I really like this cute little thrift store. It is so small, they only take cash, so come prepared! But I have found really great vintage clothing, dishes, old Polaroid cameras, little vintage greeting cards, and much more. It is definitely worth it to stop in and take a look around.

4) Goodwill
10525 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32801

This Goodwill, although still slightly musty smelling, is a great source for new stock from Target. It has the largest Target section (right at the front) of any Goodwill I've ever been to. It also has a fairly large shoe section and is a great source for funny Halloween costumes! (I got a VERY 80s prom dress there freshman year of college and went as Miss Prom 1985. Hilarious.)

As I'm looking at directories to remind myself of my frequent haunts from college, I realize that I didn't ever make it out to a lot of thrift stores in the area. Boo. But if you'd like to check out more, you should go to: and search Winter Park, Florida or Orlando, Florida. While you're there, search for the thrift stores in your area- it gives you a pretty decent list!

Have a great Monday, everyone! (And if you're off work, like me, have a good day off!)



  1. Hi! Just started following your blog. I am actually in Central Florida and I was thrilled to find this post. I am trying to find out if The Auxiliary White Elephant Thrift Shop is still in business but I don't seem to be able to find info on them. Oh well! I guess I will continue to shop around and see what I find. Thank you so much for the tips and the great posts.

    ~ Catalina

  2. Thanks for reading! :) I do have an update for this post, as I went to Orlando last month, and the Thriftko was closed. I didn't make it to Winter Park to see if the Auxiliary White Elephant was still there-but it is worth a look if it is!


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