Friday, October 23, 2009

Thrift By Color: Black Friday

I like to think of black as my go-to neutral of choice. When in doubt, I choose black, whether in a purse, shoes, belt, get the picture.

Here are some of my favorite finds, which just so happen to be black:

From top left, clockwise: Old-man suspenders and wishbone belt, Goodwill; Gucci sunglasses case, Family Thrift; Cumberbund-as-belt, Goodwill; Tripod, FanTastic Thrift.

When I first posted about the tripod, I got a couple comments about how great of a deal I got on it ($1.75!). The funny thing is that I saw this exact same tripod at my local Goodwill a couple days later for $9!

Just goes to show you, even when it comes to thrift shopping it pays to shop around!

Have an excellent Friday!


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