Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Shoes That Got Away

Say hello to the shoes that got away last Saturday:

The Gucci heels were $4 at Goodwill-new and my size, but also a narrow width. No way those shoes were fitting my non-narrow feet. Boo. The ones in the middle are H&M and they were at Goodwill Outlet for $1. They were, sadly, a size too small for me. And the Ferragamo heels were $3 at Love of Jesus. They were also a size too small.

And still no JCrew flats. But I am posting these shoes that got away in hopes that I'll find some even better this Saturday as I thrift my way through the afternoon. (I have to work in the morning.)
Wish me luck!



  1. Oh I hate when shoes are just a size too small... it really makes me think: " can I get my foot squished in there?" LOL

    Good Luck on Saturday! I know you are going to find those flats- I have a good feeling. :)


  2. Hey Girl! I am a black go-to girl just works:)
    I have to comment...I just bought a pair of JCrew boots at Goodwill for $4! I nearly fell over. I still haven't posted about them (because I am still in high decluttering mode) but will soon.
    Hugs, Sonya


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