Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thrift Store Regularity

For everything I look out for while thrifting (flats, sunnies, pins, etc.), there are some things I see literally everywhere. Here are a few:

1) Karen Scott brand, shirts, crazy Halloween/Christmas/other holiday vests. I have never, ever seen this brand in a retail store, but I see it in every single thrift store I go to. If only it were JCrew.

2) Overpriced Vera Bradley bags. Now, I have bought some VB bags at thrift stores, but always for about $1 or $2. Never $30! You can find them on eBay for way less than that!

3) Vases full of plastic jewelry...for $80. This is pretty much a Goodwill thing, but I see it at all the Goodwills I go to, so I'm including it. Who in their right mind would pay $80 for a vase of plastic jewelry?!? I mean, I have no problem paying 50 cents for a cool vintage pin or a neat bangle...but most of the stuff in those vases looks pretty useless. For $2, though? I would buy it!

4) Grandma-type orthopedic shoes. They are everywhere. Now if only more Grandmas would buy/give away JCrew a size 8 pretty please!

5) Super-cute clothes that I would love to wear, but in kid sizes! Since when do kids have cuter clothes than we do? I mean, just look at this little jacket! It was at Goodwill Outlet, so it would've been less than a dollar.

6) Super-long black leather trench coats. Now, some really tall, really cool girls could probably pull this off, but at 5'3", I steer clear of the "I'm about to do something shady in my black trench coat" look. But hey, if you can pull it off, my hat's off to you!

7) Used ash trays. With ash still in them. Um, do I even need to explain how wrong this is? At least clean it out before you donate it!

Just had to get that out! Here's to hoping I find less of this stuff and more great stuff today :) (Oh...and Happy Halloween! I decided at the last minute to be a _______, and rounded up an outfit from Goodwill...I'll make sure to post it tomorrow! Maybe I'll give you a little hint with another post today :))


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