Monday, October 5, 2009

Finished Fall Wardrobe + A Quick Goodwill Run

So I was looking at my finds from this weekend (I really do promise I will have photos and recaps for the next couple days!!!!!) , and I realized I was still missing a couple things. 1: the cozy knit scarf from the first Forever 21 thrift-spiration post, and 2: tights! Since I hadn't had any luck finding these at thrift stores (did I even want to?), I went to Dollar Tree! And they had just what I was looking for: both the scarf and 4 pairs of tights. (Well, more like knee-highs cause I can't stand the feeling of tights.) Success!

My Dollar Tree Knee-High Tights ($1 each)

My Dollar Tree Scarf! ($1)

Oh, and I did a quick run through Goodwill after work, and look what I found!

Lions? Dogs? Wolves? Don't care-what a cool belt! ($2)

Have a great evening :)

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