Sunday, October 11, 2009

Por Homme

Although I usually get clothes or accessories in my thrifting adventures, I sometimes find little housewares or gifts. (I live in a tiny place right now, otherwise I would get furniture, larger housewares, etc.)

As I've mentioned before, I sometimes drag my kinda-willing hubby along for the thrifting ride (which I did all day yesterday...sorry, Josh!), and I thought he deserved a prize or two for his patience :)

Vintage Whiskey Decanter: $4, Salvation Army

90s K'Nex box, thoroughly cleaned, Good Samaritan ($0.75) = Hubby's New Lunch Box!

On a different trip, to our local Goodwill, I found these two perfect wooden bowls for $1.25 each. The perfect size for little knick-knacks. As you can see, we have some random stuff in them!

Little Wooden Bowls: $1.25 each, Goodwill

So until we move into our bigger apartment (November!! Yay!!), I will have to be satisfied with little home decor/hubby presents such as these.


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